Kayleigh McEnany Embarrasses Jake Tapper After He Pushes Inane Qanon Claim

Kayleigh McEnany Embarrasses Jake Tapper After He Pushes Inane Qanon Claim
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

There’s perhaps no newsman on the planet who has fallen further from the perch of journalistic integrity than Jake Tapper. While the CNN anchor has no doubt always had his liberal leanings, he at least used to be pretty good at hiding them and appearing to be a fair arbiter. Those days are no more.

Thus you get absolute idiocy like this.

There’s an old joke on the right that everything the left doesn’t like is Hitler. You’ve probably seen the memes over the years. That has quickly being supplanted by the bogeyman that is Qanon. Never will you hear that term uttered more than on CNN and other cable news channels. It has become a stand in for all the evils of the world despite precious little evidence it has much of any real following. You will always be able to nut pick. That doesn’t make Qanon a wide-spread threat to democracy or whatever other nonsense is being pushed these days.

That Tapper would accuse Kayleigh McEnany, based on nothing more than an anonymous source (which may only exist in his head), of signaling to Qanon supporters is conspiracy level garbage not fit for any mainstream discussion of politics.

McEnany apparently saw Tapper’s tweet and she ended up embarrassing him by revealing exactly what she was talking about.

You see, a normal person would have read McEnany’s tweet and recognized almost immediately that she’s strongly pro-life and would find a contradiction in Biden claiming he likes kids more than adults. You see, pro-life individuals see unborn babies as “kids,” i.e. they are human beings. Somehow, Tapper took a not so thinly veiled reference and decided it was proof McEnany was signaling to Q. It’s so idiotic, yet so expected from our press these days.

Tapper is a small, petty man. That’s his own doing, though. No one made him go absolutely insane during the Trump era, though he’s far from the only hack exposed by the former president. Tapper had a chance to be better and stand out among his colleagues the last five years. He blew that to appease Jeff Zucker and it doesn’t look like there’s any going back at this point.


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