Watch: Seattle Antifa Show How Childish, and Dangerous They Are

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

These are literally children in adult bodies. That’s my takeaway from this new video of Seattle Antifa acting like idiots from Andy Ngo.

The group piled up snow in front of the ramp where police vehicles are dispatched from. This prevented Seattle PD from being able to respond to calls, at least with these specific units at this station. Given people often call the police because they are in life-threatening situations, it can’t be overstated how dangerous this is. This is the equivalent of protesters a road and stopping ambulances from getting to a hospital.


You may be asking yourself why there isn’t a follow-up video of these people being put in handcuffs. The answer is simple. The Seattle government, from the Mayor, to the prosecutors, to the leadership at the police department, have taken a hands off approach with Antifa. These people are on police property (or at least appear to be), blocking an emergency vehicle and throwing snowballs at it. They cheer and mock the officer instead of being arrested. It’s insane.

I can tell you what I’d do if I were that officer or any officer at that precinct. I’d walk outside, arrest every single one of them, and make Seattle PD fire me for doing my job. Then I’d move to the South and get hired on with one of the many, many departments looking for officers with experience. I know family roots are strong and that no one wants to leave their home, but at some point, enough has to be enough for these police departments.


In the end, the only way to change the mindset of those running these cities is to make them own the pain they are inflicting on everyone else.



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