A Great Triggering Goes Forth After Tom Brady Hilariously Celebrates His Super Bowl Win

A Great Triggering Goes Forth After Tom Brady Hilariously Celebrates His Super Bowl Win
AP Photo/Ashley Landis

I’ll start by giving the completely unremarkable disclosure that I’m not a Tom Brady fan. Like most NFL watchers, I think him winning Super Bowls got old over a decade ago.

Regardless, you can not like someone as a player for competitive reasons while still respecting them in other ways. Brady is one of those guys. He works his tail off and he’s accomplished incredible things over his career. Couple that with the fact that he simply doesn’t bend to the political will of the celebrity class, including when they label him a “Trump supporter,” and he becomes even more likable as a person.

Yesterday, though, he upped the ante. Brady and his teammates took to the water to celebrate their Super Bowl win. What followed was hilarious.

Of course, the fact that Brady had fun and did so outdoors in mask-less fashion brought about a great triggering.

The immediate shift to race by the woke responders isn’t unexpected, though it makes no real sense here (not that woke racist charges ever do). I’ve seen all races of people forgo masks, especially when they are outdoors, where science says spread is almost non-existent. Besides, no matter what one’s opinions are on the matter, Florida does not require masking, therefore this is not Brady exhibiting “privilege” because everyone else in Florida has the same right he does in this case.

Also, have you ever noticed those who make “privilege” arguments the most are almost always white liberals? I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I digress.

The real reason Brady enjoying himself upsets these people so much is that they resent anyone who would dare to step outside the bubble and enjoy life. Living has always entailed risk. In reality, Brady and his teammates are tested all the time and go through one of the most rigorous mitigation routines in the country. Therefore their risk level, even partying on a boat together, is incredibly low. Couple that with their age, physical fitness, and lack of pre-existing conditions, and their risks, even if they contract the virus, are near the bottom of possibilities.

But that doesn’t matter to the scolds because this isn’t really about science for them. It’s about seeing everyone suffer under a singular power structure. People sitting in New York want people in Florida to go through what they are going through, and they express that by ignoring data and just emoting. That’s what these responses to Brady are about.


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