The Leftist Fury Is Unleashed as #BidenLied Trends

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We all knew this was coming. In fact, it may actually be impressive that Joe Biden made it this long without being engaged by a left-wing revolt. It has been almost two weeks.

Over the weekend, #BidenLied trended on social media after it became apparent the current administration was going to play games with the amount of money possibly coming in COVID relief. The anger was palpable.

This wasn’t some small movement either. Here’s how many tweets were going out pushing the hashtag just yesterday.

There was just no way Biden could ever placate the Bernie Bro segment of the party. They thought they were getting a puppet after Bernie Sanders bragged he made most of Biden’s platform. And sure, Biden is a puppet who doesn’t even realize that he’s awake half the time, but he ended up being a puppet for his liberal, crony capitalist overlords and the social justice grift instead of the leftists who spend all their time drooling over Denmark as a model.

Plus, Biden did indeed promise $2000 checks, and no, he did not stipulate it would be $1400 plus the $600 already given. In fact, he went out of his way to make it seem as if a new, full payment was coming after his inauguration. Of course, he’s not going to get that because Republicans have zero incentive to work with him at this point. Kamala Harris going out of her way to bash Joe Manchin didn’t help matters either. Heck, Biden might not even get his $1400 checks now.

This is one of the downsides of being in power, though that’s always still preferable to being the do-nothing minority the GOP seem to revel in being. When you are in power, your voters expect you to actually deliver the things you promised. Biden made a lot of far-left promises over the course of his campaign. Now, the bill is coming due and the Bernie Bros don’t care who they burn down along the way. Make a deal with the devil, and you will get burned.