Andrew Cuomo's House of Cards Finally Comes Crashing Down as NY Health Officials Make a Big Move

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Andrew Cuomo’s honeymoon is over. To be fair, it lasted far longer than most, with the media singing his praises for nearly a year despite his horrific record on COVID in New York state. They even gave the guy the an Emmy because everything is stupid.


Now, the tides have shifted and Cuomo is seeing the house of cards he built come tumbling down. It’s not that it wasn’t always readily apparent long before today that his policies were terrible and deadly, but it’s that those who have so propped him up have decided they no longer have any use for him.

Thus, you get this.

As per usual, the Times and other legacy outlets are months behind the curve on finally noticing Cuomo’s disastrous oversight of the coronavirus pandemic in his state. For example, I reported here at RedState on Cuomo covering up the numbers of nursing home victims all the way back in August (see Andrew Cuomo Finally Gets Hit, Real Nursing Home Death Numbers Are Staggering). The legacy media didn’t get around to making it a story until last week (as my colleague Jennifer Van Laar reported) and that was only because New York’s own far-left Attorney General pointed it out.


Honestly, I’m not much in the mood for giving these health officials nor any Democrat or mainstream media outlet much of any credit here. As I said, all of the information about Cuomo’s garbage policies was staring them in their partisan faces for most of the last year. Yet, they defended him, they elevated him, and they attacked others in his place. The only reason they are willing to throw Cuomo over board now is because Trump is gone. That’s literally the extent of it. If Trump were still president, that report on the nursing home deaths would have never seen the light of day – or at least that’s my opinion on the matter.

Meanwhile, Florida has millions more people than New York, including more seniors, and has a little over half the death rate. They have also done far more vaccinations, especially for the most vulnerable populations. Once again, we see the contrast between red state and blue state governance. You’d hope that a lesson would be learned here, but it won’t be. They’ll be back to fluffing Cuomo the moment it’s convenient again.


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