Fox News' Sandra Smith Battles Dr. Fauci, and the Good Doctor Absolutely Beclowns Himself

Fox News' Sandra Smith Battles Dr. Fauci, and the Good Doctor Absolutely Beclowns Himself
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool

I’m actually surprised Dr. Anthony Fauci even decided to go back on Fox News again after Joe Biden elevated him to COVID supreme leader. There’s obviously no pressure on him to do so given the current administration’s hate for the network, but arrogance is a funny thing.

Fauci appeared with Sandra Smith yesterday, and she didn’t give him the same tongue bath he had gotten used to over on CNN. Fauci also exposed himself further as a purely political being, toeing the Biden line while completely ignoring the science claims to hold so dear.

As always, credit to my friend Curtis Houck over at Newsbusters for putting this clips out. You can read the full transcript of this exchange by clicking here.

To be frank, Fauci’s answer here is pure garbage. Schools do not need more “funding” to open. In fact, there are thousands of schools across the country, including my local district, that have been open for months now. They didn’t get a special check from Uncle Sam to make that happen. Instead, they did some basic cleaning, put in some completely free mitigation, and got back to work. The teachers at these schools are taking care of their students with no major outbreaks anywhere across the nation because they chose to truly follow the science. Children simply aren’t good carriers of the virus, nor are they at any statistical risk of injury or death if they get it. Meanwhile, because children don’t transmit the virus well, teachers are much safer at work than they are at home (the primary spread vector) or the grocery store.

In short, there’s simply no scientific reason to close schools. Fauci knows this, but he’s being a good little boy now that Biden has fluffed his ego and banished the bad orange man. That means he’s going to go out and make political claims about funding instead of doing his job as a medical advisor and telling schools to open as they should.

Fauci wasn’t done though. He continued to get upset, going to bat for the teachers unions and pretending that the standards by which opening can happen haven’t been a constant moving target.

He’s the consummate politician. Everyone on the right who defended this guy because they saw him as a contrast to Trump should probably be offering their mea culpas about now. Fauci didn’t just become this. He was always this. Even in the first few months of the pandemic, it was obvious he had no idea what he was doing and that he was operating with political considerations at the forefront of his mind.

Anyway, something tells me he won’t be appearing on Fox News again anytime soon after this beat down. Better to stick to the friendly territory of MSNBC and CNN.


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