CNN's Latest Chyron May Be Their Worst Yet, but It Gets Even Worse

Brian Stelter’s show is hardly known for hard hitting, unbiased journalism given who the host and its frequent guests are. It’s one of the most laughable pieces of television on the weekends, reaching levels partisanship that border on parody. Yet, this latest chyron seems a bit excessive. I mean, at least try to keep the mask on, right?


PJ Media’s Stephen Kruiser provides some commentary.

Of course, Psaki has already mislead her slavish audience of journalists in her first week, though. On her second day at the podium, she claimed that the Biden administration has already doubled vaccine distribution in an attempt to defend his COVID plan. She made that statement by relying on averaging the distributions made under the Trump administration. That’s completely dishonest because vaccine distribution had to be ramped up from zero during that time. When Biden took office, Trump handed him a distribution of almost 1 million a day, not the 500,000 a day Psaki claims. That’s basically what we are doing now. In other words, Psaki lies. She just does it in a way that makes the press swoon and gives them the ability to claim she didn’t lie.

Regardless, the shift from hostile proclamations about our democracy being in danger over Kayleigh McEnany to giving Biden’s press secretary a daily tongue bath is certainly jarring. Stelter knows better. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to hack cable news hosts, but he’s smart enough to realize that the Biden administration spins things in their favor. That’s as worthy of being called out as it was under Trump, but the sheer partisanship that exists on CNN won’t allow that to happen.


No “journalist” should be taking a press secretary at their word on something like this. Every statement should be analyzed on its own merits and given the requisite coverage it deserves. Stelter isn’t going to do that because he’s the very definition of a political hack. He’s already basically announcing his four year vacation.

This entire episode gets worse though. It wasn’t just some random producer writing a bad chyron this time. Stelter himself appeared on Twitter to take credit.

Beyond parody.

This is like the five year old smearing paint on a piece of paper and bragging about the “art” they’ve made. I know it’s Brian Stelter, but you’d expect him to retain some level of self-respect out of some common respect for humanity. I suppose this is what the Biden administration will be like for the press, though.

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