Are the Suburbs Having Fun Yet?

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Joe Biden hasn’t been in office for two full days and the repercussions are already being felt. He signed a bevy of executive orders yesterday covering everything from canceling the border wall to revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. The latter was even too extreme for Canada, with their government decrying the move.


Biden also managed to ban fracking on federal lands, something the media swore wouldn’t happen. “Fact-checkers” from multiple outlets rated Trump’s claims on the matter as false and misleading. So much for that. Meanwhile, drilling in ANWR has been stopped despite the stringent environmental regulations that already exist.

Here’s Lisa Murkowski lamenting.

Mitch McConnell also got in on the cry-fest.

Who could have possibly foreseen this? Republicans are really, really great at whining when they no longer have the power to affect policy. There was a way to avoid all this, namely helping to get Trump re-elected instead of straddling the fence so often. Now, we all get to pay the price.


Because of all these moves by Biden, gas prices are already rising, with electricity and natural gas prices sure to follow. In my city, we’ve seen a 10 cent jump overnight. Over 11,000 jobs have been tossed due to Keystone’s cancellation. With illegal immigration sure to explode again, the market for American workers also just got way tougher to navigate.

Given all this, I’ve got one question for the suburbs: Are you having fun yet?

Those formerly Republican areas are who handed Biden the election. We started to see movement to Democrats there in 2018, and it happened in an even greater way in 2020. We were told it was because Trump was just such a turn-off personality wise. That was probably true, but perhaps valuing policy over rhetoric would have been prudent?

Will a lack of mean tweets pay your electric bill when it’s 25% higher next year? Will it give you a paycheck after you lose your high paying union job because Biden signed some executive order? Will it keep you safe if you live near the border after caravans of illegal immigrants start arriving? I’m gonna guess no, but no mean tweets!


This was avoidable. All voters had to do was stop being so shallow as to base their vote on how nice someone is. I didn’t like some of Trump’s rantings either. So what? I’m not going to shoot myself in the leg over it and claim I prefer that to walking. But America has indeed shot itself in the leg, and the pain is just beginning.

I hope it was worth it.

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