Sidney Powell Re-Leashes the Kraken

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It feels like the end of era. Sidney Powell, previously made famous representing Michael Flynn, has dropped her much talked about “Kraken” lawsuit in Georgia. Once described by the lawyer as “biblical” and containing evidence that could overturn the 2020 election results, things are apparently now ending with a whimper.


This per The Daily Caller.

Lawyer Sidney Powell voluntarily dropped a lawsuit she previously described as “biblical,” alleging votes cast for President Donald Trump in Georgia were illegally switched to Joe Biden.

Sidney Powell, a President Donald Trump ally, abruptly dropped the lawsuit Wednesday without any warning one day before President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Politico’ Kyle Cheney reported. Powell had previously promised that the “biblical” lawsuit would “blow up” Georgia, according to The Associated Press.

This isn’t exactly surprising. Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated tomorrow, and Trump himself has conceded, giving his farewell address today. There’d be little point in continuing to challenge the results in Georgia, even if there was something to Powell’s lawsuit. I’d guess the money that was coming into Powell’s fundraising setup, “We the People,” has also dried up. There’s no more juice left to squeeze here.

Further, none of the promises Powell made about the lawsuit ever came to pass anyway. Her filings were filled with errors, she didn’t provide evidence for many of her claims, and she seemed more concerned with appearing on friendly news shows than prosecuting her case in the courts, i.e. those that could actually accomplish something. Powell overpromised and woefully underdelivered. That was never a winning strategy. In fact, I believe she and Lin Wood did much more harm than good to Trump’s cause following the November election. They delegitimized more evidenced paths the President could have taken, with Wood simply going absolutely insane as of late.


This is probably the last you’ll hear of Powell for a while. Michael Flynn got his pardon and no longer needs representation. I wouldn’t expect any love to be thrown her way from anyone in the Republican party either. This was a classic case of someone getting too caught up in their own hype and not being able to pull it back. I’m still not sure exactly what Powell’s angle was here (or if she had even really thought that far), but it doesn’t appear it was ever to actually try to win a court case that could change the outcome of the election.

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