People are Asking if Trump has Resigned After Odd Posting on State Department Website

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I’ll give the usual warning that there’s a lot of speculation surrounding what I’m about to share, but it’s gone viral so it deserves coverage.


The official State Department website has updated Donald Trump’s page to show that his term ended today. The same is true for Mike Pence’s page, which suggests this isn’t just some random screw up.

Here, take a look.

His entire bio has been wiped and all you see at the bottom is a note that was entered saying his term has ended at an oddly specific time stamp. There’s no more information provided.

There are two possible explanations here. One is that Trump really has resigned and this is just an advance change getting pushed before the announcement, which almost certainly isn’t true. Something like that doesn’t just get quietly leaked on a website without it getting out via other sources well prior. Therefore, I think it’s safe to say such an explanation is bunk.

The other explanation is that this is some deep state actor lashing out, an occurrence we’ve seen throughout the Trump presidency. There could be a hack involved here, or this could be someone on the inside with direct access to the page. Either way, that’s almost certainly what has happened here. It’s likely one last middle finger to Trump, who has more than exposed the garbage dump that is our federal bureaucracies.


Unfortunately, fake news travels fast, and even a lot of conservative commentators are currently speculating Trump has actually ended his term voluntarily. Perhaps that’s wishful thinking on their part, but there’s just no way it’s true in my opinion.


Here’s the possible answer that just got thrown into the mix.

So will this staffer be punished? Don’t hold your breath.

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