Joe Biden is Really Upset With President Trump, Cries About It in Whiny Video

Joe Biden is really upset with President Trump. The (trigger warning for Chris Wallace) former VP put out a whiny, hand wringing video yesterday evening in which he asserted that the current administration is not giving his team all they need to ensure national security after the transition.


I’ve got some thoughts on this.

Biden’s video is very short on specifics. From what I can gather, he doesn’t feel he’s getting a full picture of troop deployments and current military operations? He calls this “force posture” in his rant. He also cries about not being fully in-the-know about current budget planning at the Department of Defense.

Of course, given Biden’s awful record on foreign policy, I’m all for only telling this guy what he really needs to know until it’s legally necessary. The last thing he and his team need to be given is information that will allow them a head start on sabotaging all the foreign policy gains made under Trump. That includes the Middle East peace deals, which Biden, Kerry, and others thought were impossible to accomplish.

But the lack of specifics in Biden’s video points to the fact that it’s still only December. He doesn’t even take office for almost another month. Was this old man under the impression that Trump’s team could snap their fingers and impart every piece of information, including intricate budget details, to him immediately? Logically, Biden doesn’t need the full breadth of knowledge until he actually has the power to use such information. The transition is a “period” for a reason.


For my money, the Biden team put this video out for political reasons alone. It’s the same reason they keep putting out videos about COVID. None of this is meant to make a real impact, nor address any real problem. It’s all meant to provide cover for Biden’s first several months in office which promise to be rather disastrous. When Biden has his first foreign policy snafu — and that won’t take long to happen — he and his media allies will run and blame Trump for something that supposedly wasn’t passed along quickly enough during the transition. The same will apply to the coronavirus, where every failure of Biden’s future policies will be tied back to Trump. It’ll be Obama-Bush all over again.

Lastly, I’ll note that Biden just doesn’t look healthy. The squinty eyes, the uneven delivery, and the leaning out of the frame because he is obviously having trouble reading the teleprompter are just more signs this guy isn’t going to be around that long. There’s a reason this is the first administration in recent memory that is being widely referred to in dual form, i.e. the “Biden-Harris administration.” They are already setting it up as a co-presidency dynamic. It’s just a matter of time.


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