The Funniest Moment of Trump's Presidency Is Still Triggering People

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Donald Trump accomplished a lot over the last four years, delivering the most conservative judiciary in generations, passing tax cuts that stimulated near-unprecedented economic prosperity, and delivering peace deals in the Middle East that the establishment said couldn’t happen.


It wasn’t all policy wins, though. Trump also shifted the cultural landscape in a way that perhaps no other Republican in modern history has done. What that meant practically is that every single thing the President did resulted in members of the left losing their ever-loving minds. One of those things happened in December of 2018 when Trump took a phone call with a seven-year-old to give a Christmas greeting.

What followed (for my money) was the funniest moment of Trump’s presidency, and it’s still triggering liberals to this day. The video actually trended yesterday, two years after the fact, including being hand wrung over by NowThisNews.

Now, to a normal person, this was absolutely hilarious. It was Trump at his best, showing why so many people gravitate to him. He’s a genuinely funny, likable guy when you dig below the mean tweets. But the orange man must be bad, so a personal moment like this got turned into Trump being the epitome of evil. He even ruins Christmas for little kids!


What are these people going to do once Trump is gone? Can they really turn Ted Cruz or Ron DeSantis into this level of villain? I’m skeptical. I think a big crash is coming for the anti-Trump media. And, while I doubt Trump actually leaves the public eye in any real sense, these outrage peddlers are going to find people have far less interest in their constant freak-outs. Watching that happen is going to bring me a lot of pleasure.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can watch that clip and enjoy it for what it was: Comedy gold.

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