New: Donald Trump Discussing Appointing Sidney Powell as Special Counsel on Election Fraud

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Sidney Powell’s ‘Kraken’ lawsuits may have face-planted, but perhaps she’s not done yet?

Sources are now reporting that Powell met with President Trump last night to discuss appointing her as a special counsel to look into election fraud.


I’m skeptical this will happen. Powell is probably going to end up disbarred (that’s not my desire, that’s just where this looks to be going) because of some of her legal maneuvers dealing with the election. As a special counsel, I think a Biden DOJ would have no problem firing her on day one for whatever cause they can come up with. They know they won’t face any backlash, as the media would cheer the move as virtuous and right. With John Durham — because he’s a career official — there would at least be some degree of separation that makes firing him a tough, precarious decision for Biden. Powell, on the other hand, has firmly set herself up as a highly political figure the last several months, not delivering on her promises of proving massive election fraud to rescue the election for Trump. She’ll simply be much easier to get rid of if she’s appointed to the position. Whether you love her, hate her, or are just indifferent, that’s the most likely outcome.


In that respect, it makes much more sense for Trump to appoint someone more bullet proof for such a role if he’s truly interested in it going anywhere. I don’t know who that would be, but there’s got to be some decent options out there.

Of course, I’m down for Powell being appointed just for the pure entertainment of it all. Making Biden have to own firing her would be a thumb in his eye that he richly deserves. We’ve heard for years that special counsels are sacrosanct beings, unable to be fired except by the hand of God himself, and even then, probably not. Let’s see Democrats reverse on that and be forced to wear their hypocrisy for the voters in 2022.

We’ll find out if Trump actually follows through with any of this. Either way, he’s still the master at trolling his opponents, and he’s done that here again regardless.

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