Trump Is Considering Giving an Order That Should Terrify Joe Biden

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I could write this article in just two words: Do it.

A new report is out saying that President Trump is currently considering the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. This comes after the revelation of at least four investigations involving the former VP’s son. Money laundering appears to be one of the chief concerns, though there are also other corruption issues at play. Joe Biden himself could also be fingered, given some of the past evidence we’ve seen that his knowledge of what went on is far deeper than he’s admitted (see: New Hunter Biden Email Further Implicates Joe Biden).


Now, Trump is recognizing that these investigations need to be preserved, if Joe Biden takes office.

President Donald Trump is considering pushing for a special prosecutor to take up an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden.

Trump has talked with a number of White House and outside advisers about the possibility, including White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and White House counsel Pat Cipollone, according to the Associated Press. The son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been under investigation by federal authorities over “tax issues” for the past two years, Hunter Biden confirmed last week.

What the media are going to do is insist this makes everything dealing with Hunter and Joe Biden a partisan witch-hunt. Of course, they are already saying that, so who really cares? But think about this rationally. How would it even begin to be proper for Joe Biden to take office and oversee criminal investigations into his own son? And that includes the fact that Biden would appoint the next Attorney General. The idea that any appointment made by Biden could be considered enough separation is ludicrous. That would be far more of a conflict of interest than anything that spurned the Robert Mueller special counsel that targeted Trump. Again, we are talking about a president being in total control of a department investigating his son. That’s as conflicted as it gets. If someone were giving a hypothetical example as to why a special counsel would ever be needed, this would be the best example.


Plus, Trump has absolutely nothing to lose here, nor does he owe Biden anything. It was Biden’s former apparatchiks that saddled the Trump presidency with the entire Russia hoax in the first place. Here, we don’t have a hoax. We have Biden’s son pretty obviously involved in very corrupt behavior oversees. Hunter Biden wasn’t making $50,000-plus a month from a Ukrainian oil company and getting diamonds from the Chinese because he’s actually good at something. These investigations are real and completely justified. Further, they must be protected from Joe Biden, who will enjoy complete cover from the media to end them, if he’s given that power. If a special counsel is appointed, the DOJ has to fire them for cause, and that would turn really messy if Biden’s pick tries to intervene.

So I’ll reiterate: Do it.

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