Ted Cruz to MSNBC's Puffy Haired TV Doctor: 'This is a Bizarre, Lunatic, Totalitarian Cult'

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Ted Cruz wrecking people on Twitter has become a commonality during the Trump era, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Yesterday, I wrote on MSNBC’s puffy haired TV doctor asserting that people still can’t travel or stop wearing masks even after being vaccinated (see MSNBC’s TV Doctor Nonsensically Proclaims You Must Wear a Mask After Vaccination).


Cruz also saw that clip and responded accordingly, savaging the far-left network’s proclamation by a man who doesn’t actually know anything more about this topic than you are I do (Vin Gupta is an ER doctor, not an epidemiologist). As I’ve said before, we have the dumbest experts.

Cruz is right. This has reached cultish levels by which science need not be applied to any wild statement made as long as it fits the left’s preferred narrative about the virus. That narrative centers on control and shaming political opponents. Of course, what they are purporting to be shameful isn’t actually backed by evidence. Anyone still pushing masks at the level of demanding they be worn after vaccination is doing so simply out of religious observance.

Masks are simply not an effective mitigation method for the public, both because of their inherent inabilities to stop the virus in the first place and because the general public will never have the right kinds of masks (i.e. a professional N95), sanitized the right way, and worn the right way continually. Someone putting a cloth mask on every day is doing nothing but creating a petri dish for the virus and other illnesses to grow. It’s even worse to use a neck gaiter or bandana. That could be why we are seeing infections actually increase as mask usage has increased. That includes lots of blue states seeing big spikes right now (bigger than many red states with laxer guidelines) despite their precious mask mandates and lock downs.


Yet, masks are still constantly proclaimed by a biased media, government bureaucrats covering their own tails, and TV doctors who want to be famous as some kind of silver bullet. The bullet is not silver. It’s not even made of tin.

Meanwhile, people are being shamed for not wearing a mask in situations where it makes no sense to wear a mask because this has never been about science and stopping the virus.This is just pure lunacy to push partisanship, nothing more, and Cruz nails that mentality to the wall in his tweet.

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