Project Veritas has Tapes of Julian Assange Talking to Hillary Clinton's State Department

Project Veritas has been doing the work the mainstream media won’t do for years, not just reporting via anonymous sources the way they like to, but providing video and audio evidence of everything from CNN’s internal bias to government corruption. That’s made him a top enemy of the left, whose game is to continually claim that even video evidence of their wrongdoing is somehow lacking context while they go to their fainting couches over false, badly sourced stories from places like The Atlantic.


Yesterday evening, James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, dropped a big hit in which he revealed that they now have tapes of Julian Assange speaking with Barack Obama’s State Department.

What this will reveal is something we’ll find out today, but it’s especially relevant given the recent push for President Trump to pardon Assange. That’s obviously a contentious subject on the right. To some Republicans, it’s like pulling to teeth to even suggest you do anything but burn Assange at the stake. It’s a complicated issue.

For example, if Assange was only the publisher of classified material from people like Edward Snowden, how does that make him anymore liable than when The New York Times publishes classified information (and they have done so many times). Others will assert that he was part of the procurement, but that’s yet to be adjudicated in a court of law. I will say that there seems to be a double standard where “news outlets” get to endanger national security with illegal leaks at will while Assange is dragged to guillotine.


There’s also the fact that what Assange published did actually reveal unconstitutional actions and abuses by the United States government. Should that matter at all? People like Rep. Liz Cheney would say no as they continually avoid anything that could implicate government officials. Others like Rand Paul would say it’s completely relevant and part of how you should handle Assange.

Is that topic what is being discussed on these tapes? That’s likely given the timeframe. O’Keefe says these come from when Hillary Clinton was still Secretary of State, so that means it was probably in 2012 and related to the Snowden documents. We’ll find out today exactly what’s revealed, but it’s bound to be a fascinating look into how our self-serving government works. It’s possible this could get bad for some of the people involved.

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