Infamous 'Zodiac Killer' Cipher Finally Solved, Ted Cruz Has Thoughts

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The case of the “Zodiac Killer” is one the most investigated and discussed in American history. The killings took place in California in 60s and 70s by a mysterious man who who used coded messages to taunt the press. The Zodiac also became famous for the circle and crosshair symbol he donned while committing some of his crimes. I’ve probably watched more documentaries about this case than any other serial killer, and I’m sure many of you can say the same.


One unsolved mystery was the 340 cipher that was sent to the San Francisco Chronicle 51 years ago by the killer. It has long been rumored to contain his identity. More recently, The History Channel ran a special which attempted to decode the message, and while they failed, another group has finally succeeded.

Per The Hill, here’s what it says.

“I hope you are having lots of fun in trying to catch me

That wasn’t me on the TV show which brings up a point about me

I am not afraid of the gas chamber because it will send me to paradice [sic] all the sooner

Because I now have enough slaves to work for me where everyone else has nothing when they reach paradice so they are afraid of death

I am not afraid because I know that my new life will be an easy one in paradice death.”

Unfortunately, this won’t move the ball forward as far as solving the case. What it does show is that the Zodiac was firmly entrenched in the occult and believed that what he was doing would somehow help him in the afterlife. I can guarantee you that his notions were quickly corrected upon his own death.

Obviously, this guy was a nut job. All his communications were meant to scare others and build himself up as some kind of other worldly figure. In the end, this guy was almost certainly some loser with daddy issues, and though he hinted at revealing his identity in the 340 cypher, it turned out to be another cowardly taunt. The Zodiac killed at least five people, though authorities believe it could have been as many as 28.


Regardless, seeing this cipher broken is still really interesting, especially since I’ve been hearing about since I was a child.

Of course, we all know who the real Zodiac is.

Trump era Ted Cruz is the best Ted Cruz. How can you not love this guy?

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