Congressional Republicans Are Furious With Bill Barr, and They Are Right to Be

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A new report is out detailing just how furious Congressional Republicans are over Bill Barr hiding the Hunter Biden investigation. According to The Daily Caller, Barr knew about the investigation months ago (which also leaves the question open as to why he didn’t know years ago). Instead of allowing the voters to be made aware of such a monumental development prior to the election, the DOJ paused the investigation and refused to confirm it existed.


Attorney General William Barr knew months ago about investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, but kept the information from spilling into public view even as President Donald Trump publicly called for investigations into the son of the president-elect.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Barr was briefed before the spring about investigations into Biden, which Biden revealed in a statement on Wednesday issued through his father’s presidential transition team.

Barr knew about this in the spring but didn’t tell the President, nor any members of Congress that would usually be kept abreast of such a high profile investigation into the son of a presidential candidate. Further, Barr allowed the investigation to cease during the election season despite the fact that such steps were not taken for the Hillary Clinton, nor Donald Trump investigations during 2016. Why did Joe Biden deserve this kind of protection? And how was it fair to the electorate to not give them all the facts? Now, we have a possible future president who himself could be tied up in corrupt overseas dealings in relation to his son’s activities.


Congressional Republicans are not happy about this.

According to The Journal, Barr took steps to avoid providing information to Republican members of Congress about the investigations.

“Congressional Republicans are furious that Barr never told us the news, even in confidence,” a source who works on Capitol Hill told the DCNF.

It’s also fairly amazing, though not unpredictable, that this news never leaked via other sources. Trump couldn’t drink a Diet Coke without it leaking and being pushed by CNN, but no one in the DOJ thought this was worth putting out there over the last three years this investigation has existed? That gives you a good picture of just how partisan our career public servants are. They will leak like a sieve if it hurts Republicans, but they suddenly become Fort Knox the moment a Democrat is implicated.

Further, the media knew this information by their own admission (CNN, for example, says they asked for comment on it before Hunter Biden released his statement). They covered it up to protect Joe Biden. Bill Barr decided to be an accomplice in that, whether he believes he was doing the right thing or not.


Barr also hid the existence of John Durham being appointed special counsel in the Russia-investigation probe. That was also something the American people deserved to know about. Instead, the DOJ apparently did everything they could to ensure Joe Biden wasn’t tarnished before the voting began.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that can be done now. The swamp wins again.

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