Media Go Full-Metal Sexist After Kelly Loeffler Slaps Radical Raphael Warnock Around

It’s odd. I’m old enough to remember when the media assured us that commenting on a female politician’s looks was deeply sexist and out of bounds. But then I remembered that anything goes against Republicans.


Thus we got the reaction to Kelly Loeffler smacking radical leftist Raphael Warnock around in the Georgia run-off debate last night. You are going to be shocked, absolutely shocked I tell you to learn that all the standards about decency and respecting women went out the window once the media took the airwaves to give their reaction.

Here are few examples.

Wait a minute. Something is coming across the wire. Breaking news: Kelly Loeffler has a neck and a face. How incredibly hilarious is that? And obviously, Jonathan Chait is in a position to make fun of other people’s looks. I mean, look at the few sprigs of hair he still has on the top of his head. Real full alpha-male, cover model stuff.

Those aren’t my favorite reactions from last night though. Sometimes you need a good shot and chaser to really prove a point. Enter CNN, who had an absolute meltdown over Loeffler’s performance, framing it as one of the worst political appearances in history (it wasn’t).

Get a load of the comparison here.


Check the names because yes, that is the same “reporter” that basically made herself a part of Kamala Harris’ primary campaign before it crashed and burned in epic fashion. Now, when she’s asked to comment on Loeffler, she’s hard nosed and ready to levy criticism. Convenient, right?

But I’m sure Republican women are used to this by now. Loeffler knows she’s not going to get a fair shake no matter how she looks or how she performs. In reality, she did fine at the debate last night, and Warnock made a fool of himself over the Supreme Court and abortion questions, among many other things. He’s a radical who doesn’t need to be anywhere near the levers of power, much less a Senator.

Of course, nothing will tick the media off more than seeing Loeffler elected. Let’s make that happen because if you aren’t owning the libs, what exactly are you doing?

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