John Brennan Lies About the Steele Dossier, Fox News' Chris Wallace Just Nods Along

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

I’m assured by some conservatives (most of which also happen to have Fox News gigs) that Chris Wallace is a serious newsman whose more recent bias against Republicans is really just him be a fair arbiter of the facts. Of course, we all know that’s nonsense, and it was never more evidenced than his embarrassing performance during the first presidential debate (see Chris Wallace’s Debate Performance Was Absolutely Disgraceful). That was hardly the only example though, and the level of bias with which Wallace is willing to operate with was on display again today.


During his show this morning, the Fox News Sunday host interviewed John Brennan, a proven liar and major propagator of the Russia hoax. Instead of actually asking hard questions, Wallace sat nearly idle as Brennan repeated provable lies, specifically about the Steele Dossier.

There are many things not debatable in relation to the Russia investigation. One of those things is that the Steele Dossier was used to help bolster some of the claims made in Brennan’s 2017 intelligence report, a document that laid the groundwork for the targeting of Trump before the dossier became public. We have undeniable proof that it happened, that Brennan was aware of the dossier, and that, in fact, many of the most serious claims about collusion and Putin wanting Trump to win had their roots in the dossier. There was no other “evidence” of anything Brennan and his hand picked stooges said in the ICA about Trump and Russia.

Chris Wallace knows all that, yet when given the opportunity to challenge Brennan, he simply passes. That’s a trend we’ve seen with Wallace while he was interviewing Nancy Pelosi in the past and while he was questioning Joe Biden during the debate. When it comes time for the Fox News anchor to be tough on a Democrat, he takes a pass nearly every single time. And to the extent that he does ask a tough question, he rarely follows up and instead pretends that he doesn’t have a strong enough grasp of the facts to press harder.


It’s a real shame that no one is going to pay a price for all this. John Durham may be a special counsel now, but putting your faith in him is probably a sucker’s bet. Meanwhile, the media are completely complicit, including Fox News, in covering this up and acting as if there’s nothing to see here. Government power was abused at the highest levels and everyone is just expected to shrug and forget it ever happened. That’s noway to run a country, and it will have horrible consequences if people like Brennan are allowed to just walk free.

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