Sen. Marsha Blackburn Called a '*****' By Chinese Communist Thug, a Massacre Ensues

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Sen. Marsha Blackburn has always been one to speak her mind, and she did just that in an exchange with a Chinese Communist Party thug named Chen Weihua. The guy’s Twitter account is convienantly tagged “China state-affiliated media” so you know he’s legit.


After all the recent news showing just how corrupt and tyrannical China’s ruling class are (not that we need “recent” news to know that), Blackburn sent a shot across the bow.

This apparently angered the precious flowers over in China’s state media establishment. Weihua decided to lash out by calling her a “b****” and a racist. In other words, he mimicked what you’d expect from your average American leftist. Twitter has taught him well, I suppose.

Pro tip to Weihua: Don’t overuse the racism charge. It just gets lost in the mud when you squeal it like a pig over and over.

China is a tyrannical dumpster fire. They’ve enslaved minorities, stuffed others in concentration camps, pushed the desolation of people in places like Africa so CCP members could get richer, killed tens of millions of their own people, and currently exist off the backs of cheap labor and bad trade deals. Never mind all the economic crimes they’ve committed. I’m not sure the Chinese communists have ever had an original idea. Oh yeah, and did I mention Weihua’s country also unleashed a global plague that will likely kill millions by the time it’s done, and that they covered it up and lied about it to the detriment of everyone else?


If there was ever a country that should sit down and shut up for a while, it’s China and its communist loyalists.

Blackburn was having none of what Weihua was serving.

Absolutely wrecked.

I’ll end by noting that this highlights one of the worst aspects of a possible Joe Biden administration. His chosen Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is already pledging to “restore” our relationship with the Chinese. You can take one guess what they will look like. The answer is total capitulation, and Blinken himself has had a number of shady dealings with the country. China needs to be dropkicked and neutered, not put on the same playing field as the United States.

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