Joe Biden Considering Cindy McCain for UK Ambassador Because of Course He Is

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Joe Biden is rushing to reinstate all the worse excesses of D.C. in record time. As RedState had previously reported, he’s seeking to place a bunch of failed, foreign policy establishment apparatchiks in positions like NSA and Secretary of State. The local social scene is already brimming with an excitement over a supposed return to normalcy where anyone can be bought and nothing but the excesses of power matter.


Meanwhile, Biden is considering Cindy McCain, wife of the late John McCain, as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom in order to reward her for helping him in Arizona, a state which helped deliver him a now probable victory (pending legal challenges).

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is reportedly thinking of naming Cindy McCain the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom, according to sources who spoke to The Times of London.

Cindy McCain, who is the widow of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), is an Anglophile, according to The Independent, and Biden reportedly seeks to reward her for helping deliver him Arizona as a blue state.

“It’s hers if she wants it. She delivered Arizona. They know that,” the source told the Times.

I’m curious if it such an appointment would then make it acceptable to question her political machinations or if those will still be off limits? While it’s understandable that McCain would be no fan of Donald Trump given the feuding that occurred between him and her husband, she took it to the next level over the last four years, allegedly becoming a deeply political figure who chose to back Biden based on a completely false report in The Atlantic.


McCain reportedly decided to back Biden after The Atlantic published a story in which anonymous sources alleged that Trump referred to World War I veterans at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France as “losers” and “suckers.”

“For me, the final straw was the, you know, ‘They’re losers and suckers,’” Cindy McCain told CBS during an interview on “60 Minutes.”

To this day, not a single on the record source has confirmed that story while well over a dozen on the record sources, including anti-Trump figure John Bolton, have denied it. Yet, McCain claims that as her seminal moment in which she decided to back Joe Biden. Of course, that’s if you are naive enough to believe that. She’s long hated Trump and has sought to unseat him. That’s her right to do so, but the misleading about why is a bit much, and to be clear, John McCain was not a victim in the battle he had with Trump. He pushed the Steele Dossier and relentlessly attacked the President while he was still alive.

Regardless, I’m old enough to remember when the left freaked out about Richard Grennell being Ambassador to Germany because he supposedly lacked the experience. That despite the fact that Grennell was actually rife in such, including stints in the Bush White House. Yet, here’s Biden looking to put McCain, who actually has no experience, in one of the most important ambassadorial positions simply because she helped him politically. Let’s all give a round of applause for the return of the swamp, and it’s back with a vengeance.


But we all knew this was coming. There’s always a payoff in Washingon. This is just more evidence of how corrupt that town really is.

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