The Latest Squee Session by the Media Over Biden Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

With the sheer breadth of insanity visited upon Donald Trump by the mainstream media, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with it all. Yet, their pettiness truly knows no bounds, and that was shown early on when the President was chastised for not having a pet in the White House. You see, he was breaking decades of tradition and it was clearly a sign he’s evil incarnate. I’m only half-joking with those paraphrases.

Never fear though. Joe Biden has a cat, and it’s got the media absolutely squeeing.

CBS News also decided this was a story worth getting excited over.

I mean, sure the economy is gonna suck and our foreign policy is going to be a dumpster fire again, but Biden has a cat, and isn’t that what really matters here? Shout out to all the blue collar workers who are going to lose their jobs over the next four years. You’ve probably got a First Cat headed your way to cheer you up.

She’s right. This is a preview of what we are going to see from the media if Joe Biden takes office in January. Concerns over COVID are going to disappear. At the very least, the media will stop blaming it on the president. The Middle East will become a distant land except to brag about our relations with Iran. Any economic contraction will just be Trump’s fault.

But he’s got a cat!

Keep in mind, our media couldn’t find one positive story to publish about Donald Trump after four long years of him being in office, yet they’ve got cat stories ready to go before Biden is even inaugurated. If that doesn’t tell you how fundamentally unserious our news media are, I’m not sure what will. These are mediocrities disguised as intellects. They are the very kind of people who have brought the country the divisions we now suffer through. They have no ability to operate fairly, nor think rationally. Everything is couched in a partisan lens, and everything must serve whatever narrative they want to push.

The result of that is getting cat stories instead of critical looks at Hunter Biden or his father’s mental health. And these are the people who want to be our gatekeepers.

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