Neil Gorsuch Murders Andrew Cuomo, and Twitter Murders John Roberts

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Last night, it was announced that the Supreme Court had put the kibosh on Andrew Cuomo’s clearly unconstitutional COVID regulations. For months now, New York has selectively enforced bans on gatherings, targeting religious institutions while allowing mass protests to occur in the street. Even someone with a passing understanding of the law could ascertain that such was clearly discriminatory and illegal.

And while Amy Coney Barrett garnered the headlines for the 5-4 decision, it was Neil Gorsuch who actually did the rhetorical and legal beheading.

Gorsuch lays into Cuomo’s arbitrary enforcement of COVID guidelines, noting how they specifically target religious institutions. The snark is turned way up here and New York’s shameless governor deserves every single bit of it, though he’s hardly alone among the nation’s Democrat politicians. We’ve seen since the beginning of the pandemic an arbitrary targeting of churches and synagogues in places like Michigan, New Jersey, and New York.

In some ways, it’s actually sad that it took this long for such a ruling to get handed down, though it must be noted that Barrett being on the court made the difference here. In other words, it was best that the decision was put off until she was seated.

Meanwhile, the biggest loser may not actually be Cuomo. It may be John Roberts, who sided with the liberals (as if he’s not just a liberal at this point) in an attempt to nullify the First Amendment, that came out looking the worst here.

Has there been a more disappointing appointment to the Supreme Court by a Republican than John Roberts? At least in the modern era? This is a guy once held up as a stalwart conservative jurist. Now, he can’t even agree the First Amendment still applies during a government proclaimed crisis.

Meanwhile, here’s Obama bro Ben Rhodes expressing his disapproval.

This should have been an open and shut decision that ended 9-0. Instead, it was a razor-thin 5-4 margin because Roberts can’t even be counted on to protect the most basic of rights. While I love seeing Cuomo and Roberts get smacked here, it’s a little disconcerting that it even had to get this far.

One day, voters in these liberal states are going to have to wake up and start voting for their interests instead of what makes them feel the most virtuous. Regardless, Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court has put another wall up between the people and tyranny. Let’s hope it holds.

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