Biden Loyalists Start Drawing Blood as Infighting Begins

It’s all fun and games until a bunch of Washington D.C. insiders start getting their feelings hurt. That’s apparently what’s happening within the Biden transition, with some of his loyal backers feeling shunned by the Obama bro contingent that seems to actually be running the show.


Now, the infighting appears to have begun.

You hate to see it.

Of course, the Obama hangers-on were always looking at Biden as a path back to power. They just thought they could end up with someone more preferable. Remember, Obama himself didn’t endorse Biden until the primary was over. But in the end, Biden prevailed and the rush to get back in his corner was on.

That’s got Biden loyalists upset. They feel as though they were there from the beginning and deserve to be rewarded for that. Yet, this is a nearly 80 year old man with signs of dementia we are talking about. He’s not actually running his transition, nor is he in a position to recall who stayed by his side when it mattered. Perhaps his loyalists should have thought this through more?

Meanwhile, the same media that treated the Trump transition like an apocalyptic event are now insisting all this is normal and not newsworthy.


I think we are going to find a lot of formerly newsworthy events suddenly not worth covering within our glorious mainstream media-sphere. Funny how that works.

Regardless, I’m not sure there is anything more Obama-esque than he and his cohorts basically abandoning Biden early on only to try to rush in and gain power within his administration after the election. It’s truly the swamp at work, and it’s exactly the kind of thing that makes D.C. politics the cesspool that it is. Failing up and backstabbing are the way of the world in that environment.

But good for Politico for even running this story. I’m sure it was shopped to and rejected by multiple other outlets who don’t want to dare break the united front facade they are currently putting up. The truth is much dirtier though. A Biden administration is simply a return to the status quo of insiders, lobbyists, and bureaucrats running the country.

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