Biden's Pick for NSA Was a Steele Dossier Fan, Sent Classified Emails to Hillary Clinton's Illegal Server

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With a probable Joe Biden administration comes the return of some of the most unimpressive, mediocre talents that Washington D.C. can produce. People who have spent their entire careers being wrong about everything, often leading to large loss of life in various foreign countries, are looking to regain positions of power. Biden is more than happy to give it to them.

Enter Jake Sullivan, a former Hillary Clinton flack whose record on foreign policy would make Ben Rhodes blush. Biden has decided it’d be best to hand him the position of NSA.

So who is Sullivan? You’ll be less than shocked to know that his judgement is so sound that he was a big fan of the completely discredited Steele Dossier.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s pick for national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, has a history of amplifying junk intelligence.

During a podcast interview with former Obama White H0use Senior Advisor David Axelrod in January 2018, Sullivan didn’t hesitate to hype Russia hoax claims outlined in the since-debunked Democrat National Committee-funded Steele dossier accusing President Donald Trump of being a Russian agent.

Following a brief discussion over the funding of the dossier, Sullivan made clear he was “by no means,” distancing himself from the document.

“I believe that it is perfectly appropriate and responsible if we get wind or people associated with the campaign get wind that there may be real questions about the connections between Donald Trump, his organization, and Russia that that be explored fully,” Sullivan said. “At this point, we’re finding out more and more that’s deeply trusting.

Now Sullivan looks to be Biden’s foreign policy guru, advising him on all manner of threats and intelligence. That seems like somewhat of a bad idea considering he was completely suckered by Russian misinformation via the Steele Dossier. Further, he was such a partisan that he never admitted his mistake, instead continuing to insist there were “real questions” surrounding the dossier’s claims.

Sullivan was also an early pusher of the false “Alfa Bank” story that targeted Trump early in his presidency. Despite having no actual evidence, Sullivan presented the claim as credible while serving as an advisor to the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. He described the imaginary connection between Trump and the Russian bank as a “secret hotline” that could prove fabled collusion between the two parties. He was, once again, wrong.

Sullivan’s sterling resume doesn’t end there though. He also sent over 200 classified emails to Hillary Clinton’s illegal server.

As of March 2016, the State Department and FBI had determined that Sullivan sent 215 emails that were deemed to contain classified material. Politico reported in February 2016 that Sullivan sent emails to Clinton that contained information classified at the “top secret” level, the highest classification category.

This truly is the return of the swamp. No amount of past failure is enough to keep many of these figures from garnering positions of power in government again. Corruption almost seems like a plus to Biden as he’s vetting officials. Actual accomplishments and qualifications need not apply.

In the broader sense, it also marks the sad development that so many people who perpetrated the Russia hoax are not only not going to be punished, but they will now be rewarded for their behavior. That spells bad news for faith in our institutions going forward. But elections have consequences, and now the country (and a lot of other countries) will pay the price.

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