Kristi Noem Stands Up to COVID Hysteria Again, CNN's S.E. Cupp Promptly Freaks Out

Kristi Noem is the type of leader most Republicans wish their politicians would be. It’s not that she’s loud or abrasive in how she approaches issues, but she is willing to look stupidity in the face and call a spade a spade. That’s happened over and over as she’s guided her state of South Dakota through the current coronavirus pandemic.


Where other states put in unconstitutional and abusive lock downs, Noem stood firm, eager to only do things that made actual scientific sense balanced with the rights of individuals.

Now that we are seeing spikes across the country, including some of the most locked down and mask mandated states in the union, the media are getting hysterical again. Noem was having none of it, once again standing nearly alone against much of the nonsensical measures being pushed.

Julie Kelly from American Greatness shared her take on Noem’s comments yesterday evening.

This is the right strategy, and it’s one many Republicans should take heed of, most notably, the GOP governor of Ohio who is basically mimicking Andrew Cuomo at this point.

As I’ve shared many times, masks have been shown to be largely ineffective. Cases are spiking in 30+ states right now. There is once again zero correlation being shown between infections and mask mandates. Preaching about masks is the easiest thing a cowardly politician can do. It gives said politician an easy out to claim they did something while ignoring the actual results. Noem has chosen a different path, and her state is nowhere near the top in deaths per million.


Of course, science need not apply at our cable news networks. So you end up with this hysterical take from CNN’s S.E. Cupp.

Cases and hospitalizations are also up in New York and many other heavily regulated states. In fact, New York led the country in new infections just last week. Cupp doesn’t mention that because it doesn’t fit her narrative. The “bad red states” rhetoric is all these people have.

David Harsanyi did some myth busting in response.

Again, where’s the correlation between “anti-mask” governments (which largely don’t exist, even in red states) and the spread? Because I’m seeing spread in places that Cupp would claim have handled things properly. Why, it’s almost like masks simply don’t do much, right?


Regardless, if you thought the politicization of COVID would cease after Democrats felt they won back the White House, that certainly appears to not be the case. They are going to ride this horse as long as they can because they see power in it. That’s what this comes down to.

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