Georgia Senate Candidate Raphael Warnock Stunning Statement Revealed as Runoff Races Heat Up

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The balance of the Senate all comes down to Georgia after late breaking ballots in heavily Democrat areas kept both David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler from winning the outright majorities they needed. Blue precincts finding enough ballots days after an election to keep Republicans from winning is a trend that seems to be more and more common these days, though it’s hardly the first time such has happened. We all remember the Al Franken travesty.


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Regardless, given how close the race is, you’d expect the Democrat challengers to be playing to the widest base possible, apologizing for past insanity like you are about to see. Raphael Warnock has other plans though. He’s just going to go stay woke and let this clip hang out there I guess.

I’m not sure how you repent for “worship of whiteness” since I’m not even sure what that means. Have any of you been kneeling at the alter of whiteness lately? Did you recently pay tithes to whiteness? Maybe this is something people do that only Warnock knows?

Regardless, this seems like an incredibly stupid thing to leave in play when there is a runoff that could shift control of the Senate to the Democrat party in the works. I mean, where’s his campaign manager to denounce this and say he’s changed? The voters that this kind of stuff appeals to are already going to vote for Warnock. What he actually needs are suburban white women to come out strong in his favor, a demographic that Trump struggled with but that other Republicans have a more natural repertoire with. Having painted those people as evil harlots that need to repent for their skin color probably isn’t the best pitch.

Further, how is this thing unifying? What happened to that whole pitch from like five minutes ago? If Democrats want the country to come together, this is the last thing they should be standing behind. But it’s exactly what they are going to do because this is who they are. Peddling in grievance and racism is their thing, and to be sure, it’s absolutely racist to accuse people of “worship of whiteness.” Imagine Donald Trump saying black people need to repent for worshiping their race. How do you think the news media would handle that?


There’s a lot going on right now, including challenges in the presidential race that are unsettled. But there’s no doubt these Senate races in Georgia are absolutely key to blocking a Biden presidency, if there is indeed a Biden presidency. While there are some Republicans who deserve to no longer be in power, Perdue and Loeffler have actually done their part and openly supported the President. They deserve to be put back into office, if for no other reason that to keep nut jobs like Warnock out.

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