Andrew McCabe Crawls Out of His Hole, Makes More Wild Trump-Russia Claims

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Disgraced former FBI leader Andrew McCabe appeared on CNN last night to rattle off more conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia. This insufferable gnome dodged a criminal prosecution after the DOJ refused to prosecute him for lying multiple times to the FBI. As you know, our justice system only allows Trump officials get popped for doing that, and they don’t even have to actually lie.


McCabe’s latest comments, which I’ll share below, revolve around President Trump wanting to declassify everything surrounding their scam investigation of him, including the Obama administration created ICA that turned out to rely heavily on the Steele Dossier while providing little evidence for the claims.

I love the “wow” here, as if any of this is actually true. McCabe has been shown to be a liar multiple times, including in ways that would have seen any other person (who isn’t a Democrat sympathetic bureaucrat or politician) thrown in prison. Keep in mind that CNN actually pays this guy to be an “analyst.”


What McCabe is doing here is obvious. Note in the second tweet where he concern trolls. It’s “incomprehensible” that Trump would want to release the intelligence because it would just make the President look bad. Does that sound plausible to you? Or does it make much more sense that the intel will make McCabe and company look even more like the crooks they are? Because when one party is wanting transparency, and the other is making excuses, it’s the latter who typically stands to lose when things see the light of day.

I do like Cuomo’s fishing though, as if he’s not talking to a guy who lied to his network’s face over and over throughout the Mueller investigation and beyond. Trump was a Russian colluder, and the evidence was always just around the corner. But the media don’t care about accuracy. They care about being told what they want to hear. In this case, anything that targets Trump is worthy of putting on air.

Of course, all of this is made worse by a possible Joe Biden win. Figures like McCabe now feel emboldened, perhaps even thinking they’ll be back in government soon. Elections have consequences, and the worst part of a possible Biden presidency was never really about policy. It was always the likely return of arrogant deep state operatives back into our government bureaucracies and agencies. Far more damage can be done there via their unchecked actions than anything that could make it through Congress.


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