CNN's S.E. Cupp Starts a Fight With Richard Grenell, It Doesn't End Well

Richard Grenell is an interesting character. For someone who appears to have a big future in the GOP, he doesn’t come from the normal stock, and no, I don’t mean that he’s gay. I mean that he’s not an elected official who came up through the typical ranks. Instead, he’s made his mark through a series of appointed positions and social media via his media group. He was a pioneer of much of what we see today from conservatives on sites like Twitter.


After being shunned by Mitt Romney in 2012, Grenell spent most of his time in media before eventually being appointed Ambassador to Germany. The rest is history, from being Acting DNI, to being instrumental in negotiating several deals between foreign nations for the United States. Now, he’s one of the most loved figures on the right, and rightfully so.

That means he’s got a target on his back, and CNN’s S.E. Cupp decided to throw a punch. It didn’t go well.

This is just the start, but I’ll stop here to comment that you can feel the self-righteousness through the screen. These people truly believe they are the best among us, stalwart protectors of the innocent and always capable of doing what their enemies can’t. In this case, Trump wasn’t able to hand-wave away a pandemic that has also decimated Europe, among other places. But if only he’d be “interested,” things would be fine or something.


Then Cupp tries the argument people who know they are losing always make. They try to downplay their opponent and pretend they aren’t living in their head rent free, which Grenell obviously is.

She knows nothing he’s ever said? I’m gonna call nonsense on that, especially since she supposedly covers the news for a living.

That’s when Grenell finally dropped the hammer.

Yes, it’s Twitter, and yes it’s petty, but it’s so deserved. Cupp is an especially egregious actor because she ostensibly knew better. She was once a rising conservative star, but the bad orange man and a CNN paycheck turned her into a nearly full blown left-winger. Cupp is the perfect example of how shallow many in the media are.


Grenell is far more accomplished than she’ll ever be. Perhaps she should think things through more the next time she wants to throw unprovoked punches. With every response, Grenell was a step ahead. He’s going to be fun to watch in the future.


He apparently wasn’t finished.

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