Adam Schiff and Joy Reid Share in Perhaps the Least Self-Aware Moment in Media History

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Here’s one for the “you can’t make this stuff up” file today. This is either the least self-aware commentary in the history of cable news, or it’s the most brazenly hypocritical. Heck, why not both? It includes Adam Schiff, so the sky is the limit.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid, conspiracy theories extraordinaire, decided to give some advice to Republicans who may be seeking to investigate a possible Biden presidency. You see, it’d be “obstruction” and bad for democracy or something per her and Schiff.

Yes, this is the woman that MSNBC felt the need to promote to a week-day primetime show.

I don’t need to explain to our readers how hilarious this is. Adam Schiff is perhaps the most disgusting, under-handed member of Congress (yes, he makes Pelosi look tame at times). He spent Trump’s entire first term “investigating” all manner of stupidity, including attempting to impeach the President on basically nothing whatsoever except a bunch of resistance bureaucrats giving their opinions. For he and Reid to now suggest that investigating a Biden presidency would be improper, a degradation of our democracy, and a waste of time is just precious.

What exactly are the rules here? If a Republican is being targeted, it’s always stalwart patriotism on display? But if it’s a Democrat, it’s bad for the country? It’s all very convenient. It’s also total nonsense that should not be heeded. If Biden ends up taking the oath of office, Republicans should go after him with everything they’ve got. And if they retake the House in 2022, impeachment over his corruption should be on the table as well. If Senate Republicans aren’t already prepping investigations into the Biden family’s corruption then they don’t deserve to retain their power.


In fact, if I were in charge, I’d be saddling a possible Biden presidency with a special counsel from day one. There’s far more evidence of corruption with Joe Biden than there ever was for Trump’s impeachment. We have emails, text messages, on the record witnesses, etc. all pointing to Biden knowing exactly what was going on with his son, and perhaps taking direct part in it, as well.

Republicans can’t go soft here. They can’t fall to the rhetorical pleas of Adam Schiff and Joy Reid. If investigating Biden is obstruction, then let’s get to obstructing.

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