Democrats Roll Out a New Round of Tyranny Over COVID

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While some thought the election would bring about the end of COVID, with Democrats not needing to politicize the pandemic so much, it appears the opposite is happening. Apparently, the media deciding Joe Biden was victorious has unshackled tyrants in state and local governments, to the extent that they weren’t already acting as such. Elections have consequences, and emboldening figures like Ralph Northam and Lori Lightfoot is now leading to renewed lock downs.


Today, Northam announced a slew of new, completely anti-scientific rules for his state of Virginia.

I had no idea that the virus responded to alcohol curfews, but hey, what do I know? Seriously, though, there is no excuse for this. Curfews and cracking down on retail establishments actually make things worse. The primary vector for spread of the disease is within the home. The best thing a governor could do is encourage people to go outside and enjoy themselves. Instead, we are getting more draconian measures from the anti-science crowd. Regarding masks, anyone expanding such mandates at this point is just flailing about wildly. The evidence is pretty strongly in that mask wearing does almost nothing. It has not stopped the spread, nor has it appeared to even make a dent in it. Despite widespread mask mandates across the country and in Europe, we are seeing large spikes. If masks worked, that wouldn’t happen, ergo they don’t work to any appreciable effect.


Meanwhile, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who was recently found partying at a Biden victory rally, is taking things a step further. She’s ordering a full shelter-in-place order for her beleaguered citizens.

Fabulous, right? I’m sure it’ll work out just as well as the last one. Politicians are a mostly cowardly breed. Given the reality that they can’t actually control this situation, they’d rather stomp on the rights of people in a vain attempt to shift blame. You see, it’s not there fault because they ordered lock downs and mask wearing. That’s the thinking here.

Again, here was Lightfoot just a few days ago.

The people who vote for these people are going to have to think long and hard about whether they want to live like this. Do they want their representatives being hypocrites who lock them in their houses while others party in the streets? Or do they want some consistency and courage from their politicians? That’s a question that’s been asked many times, yet people like Lightfoot continue to be elected. It’s a sad scene, but one that is completely preventable if voters so chose.


And you can bet all of this is just a preview of what’s to come. As I wrote a previously, Biden’s COVID advisor is already suggesting a 4-6 week national lock down. Expanded mask mandates are also coming. If you give Democrats a chance to seize more power over the individual, they are always going to take it.

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