Joe Biden's COVID Advisor Pushes Anti-Science Garbage, and People Have Thoughts

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Joe Biden isn’t president yet, and it’s still an open question whether he will be, but the media are proceeding apace as if everything is settled. That means we are now getting previews of what a possible Biden administration would bring upon the nation. One of those things is anti-science garbage pushed in the name of stopping the coronavirus.


CNBC is reporting that Biden’s COVID advisor is promoting a 4-6 week lock down to “stop the spread” and “revive the economy.”

If you’ll recall, Europe used to be the place that was so often cited by Democrats as a COVID success story. We were assured that if we had just mimicked Germany and Norway, that everything would have been fine and no one would have died (really, Joe Biden has suggested every death was a result of Trump’s supposed inaction). But that narrative has burned to the ground with the huge second wave hitting Europe, specifically in places that were formerly praised for doing things “right.”

That means the left needed a new example to latch onto and Australia is who they like to cite now. As I wrote some weeks ago, CNBC’s Shepard Smith and Dr. Anthony Fauci were drooling over the idea of a 100+ day lock down like Melbourne did.

Of course, what that ignores is that every place that locks down ends up simply delaying the inevitable. We now have overwhelming evidence that lock downs are inefficient and largely pointless. You simply can not “shut down the virus” by forcing people into seclusion. Doing so also causes masses of issues with depression, preventative care, cancer treatments, substance abuse, domestic violence, and a whole host of other things that cause deaths and despair. That anyone is still suggesting lock downs are a solution to anything boggles the mind.


Further, the economy is already being revived. You can thank Donald Trump’s leadership for that. Had Democrats and the media gotten what they wanted, we would have essentially destroyed the global economy to the point where it would have taken a decade to recover. And for what? To delay the inevitable spread of a disease that ultimately can’t be stopped without a vaccine? Instead of the crushing results of that type of decision making, we are seeing a rapid recovery which will no doubt be stifled now if Joe Biden takes office.

The answer here is simple. Julie Kelly of American Greatness provides her thoughts in as succinct a way as possible.

We will not be going back into lock down. Period. It’s not going to happen, there’s nothing scientific about pushing for that, and I’d like to see Joe Biden and his cronies attempt to enforce any such order.


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