Watch: Trump Throws an Absolute Haymaker When Reporter Tries Gotcha Question About Joe Biden

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead

The media’s default position is to dutifully repeat whatever talking points are handed to them by the Biden campaign, and when I say repeat, I mean they literally just repeat whatever charge Joe Biden is making. That hasn’t changed in the last few weeks leading up to the vote. Again today, Trump was bombarded with slanted questioning before his big Pennsylvania rally that took Biden’s words as gospel and failed to provide context.


The President was ready though. When a reporter asked him about supposedly waving the “white flag” on COVID, his response was perfect.

I’m not sure if he had that one locked and loaded or if that was totally off the cuff, but it hit all the right notes.

First, what kind of premise is it that living life is surrendering to the virus? What would Biden have us do? Lock down again? How’d that work out the first time for us and Europe? Of course, Biden doesn’t actually have any better ideas, which is why his “plan” mirrors Trump’s plan when he’s actually pressed on it. Well, except he’d really, really tell people to wear masks (aren’t we already doing that too?), another aspect of this pandemic that has been proven to be largely ineffective.

If it seems like there’s no real logic to Biden’s charge, that’s because there isn’t. He knows there’s nothing else we can actually do but keep developing a vaccine and improving our ability to treat the disease, things we’ve already made huge strides regarding. What we can’t do is snap our fingers and make this virus go away, nor can we destroy the country’s economy and cause greater numbers of unrelated deaths by making everyone stay home again. By the way, being home is the chief transmission vector for the virus, which makes the Faucis of the world even more nonsensical in their approach.


Trump is also right that Biden has given up. Not on winning the race, as he thinks he can coast to a victory at this point, but he’s given up on any pretense that he can perform his duties on the campaign trail or once he’s elected president, if he’s elected president. And while he may have that luxury, most Americans can’t lock themselves in the basement and virtue signal via Zoom. We have to actually live our lives. That shouldn’t draw ridicule or claims of surrender. That’s exactly what Biden is giving people though.

Trump absolutely knocked Biden out with this blow.

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