The FBI Throws Joe Biden a Bone


Yesterday, the FBI thought it necessary to do an emergency press conference to update Americans on foreign interference in the election (see BREAKING: FBI Has Identified Efforts by Russia and Iran to Interfere in 2020 Election)


The news broke down into two parts. Firstly, Iran had sent some emails under the guise of being the Proud Boys in an attempt to make Democrats think evil white supremacists were around every corner suppressing the vote. This was obviously a chaos ploy to attempt to delegitimize Donald Trump.

Then we got the other part of it, which was reporting that Russia (along with Iran) had obtained voter registration data somehow. This is not actually a big revelation given that the same was charged to have happened in 2016. Such data has no effect on actual vote tallies, and in some cases, it’s actually public anyway.

While some are really concerned about this, I take a different view. Even the actions by Iran are very small potatoes that have no discernible impact on anything. Yet, what this does do is throw Joe Biden a huge bone and allow him to once again shout “Russia” as cover for his and his son’s growing corruption scandal.

I tend to take this view, perhaps because I’m desensitized after years of people crying wolf.


Regardless of the motives of the FBI to make this announcement, this will be used to muddy the water and as proof that the entire Hunter Biden email ordeal is just Russian misinformation. And while there’s zero evidence of that (and plenty of evidence the emails are real with no Russian involvement), some Democrat Senators are already running with the idea that “Russia!” (enter Tucker Carlson inflection) is the real story here.

Here’s what will happen next. Every Biden surrogate in existence will run to CNN, MSNBC, and the various leftist rags to proclaim that “even the FBI” says Russia is interfering with the election on behalf of Trump. It won’t matter that there’s nothing really new here. Again, since when is it news that Russia obtained voter registration data? We’ve quite literally known about that for years. The only real, new data given at the presser was that Iran took actionable steps to interfere. Yet, that’s being brushed aside for the same old narratives.


But as Julie says above, I’m far, far more worried about the corruption of other Americans and the interference in our election going on at the hands of social media. Right now, the New York Post is still locked out of their account for reporting on factual information regarding Joe and Hunter Biden. Meanwhile, The New York Times dropped another Trump tax piece based on anonymously reported and illegally obtained documents and Twitter promotes it. Which is more dangerous? That or Russia having a list of names they can’t really do anything with?

I think we all know the answer. But the FBI threw Joe Biden a bone here. Expect him to cite this press conference at the debate as a way to run cover for his and his son’s corruption. The FBI’s timing is impeccable in this case.

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