Joe Biden and the Media Are Running Scared

Joe Biden and the Media Are Running Scared
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The media and Joe Biden are running scared. You see it in every machination they make in response to the bombshell Hunter Biden email story. As I wrote over the weekend, you can tell the emails are authentic simply by the fact that the Biden campaign has carefully danced around, putting out non-denial denials which carefully rely on evidence-free media opinions to refute the story.

Now, as RedState reported, Biden has called a lid until Thursday. Yes, he just called an almost four day lid (he won’t appear in public until the debate that Thursday night) on his campaign right as questions about his dealings with his son and foreign nations have reached a boiling point. That’s not a coincidence.

These are not the actions of a man who is confident in his ability to rebut this email story. They are the actions of a man who is terrified of what he’s been caught up in and who wants to run the clock out. Biden knows that the debate moderator on Thursday will not dare to bring this up, nor will she allow Trump to start a conversation about it. Just as Chris Wallace did, it’ll be all “we are moving on” the moment the President mentions the story which is legitimately the biggest in the current political scene. Rather, we’ll get more arguing about masks and climate change, because the media are fully complicit in the cover-up of what Joe and Hunter Biden did.

Take Morning Joe, for example. He laid into this irrational, clearly false tirade this morning, calling the email story false when it is simply not.

It’s hard to keep track of what even the charge here is. If the story is “made up,” are the emails fake? If not, why has the Biden campaign essentially confirmed they are real, both with their lack of denials and Hunter Biden’s lawyer attempting to get the laptop back? The answer is that the emails are 100% real. The pictures are real. The text messages are real. Every bit of this story now has more veracity and evidence than any anonymously sourced Trump-Russia accusation the country had to suffer through.

As Ben Shapiro posted this morning, this would be very easy for the Biden campaign to fix if they had the capacity to do so.

But they don’t have the capacity to do so because if they lie, and it would be a lie to deny the emails and documents are real, they know they’ll get caught in it before Election Day. I have little doubt there’s more to drop and Biden deserves every bit of this. He spent years lying about things like Charlottesville, and more recently the coronavirus and economy. Let’s see him lie about this now and find out how it all works out for him.

Biden is having to sit on the hot seat and he’s running scared. There’s only so much the media can do to protect him.

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