Leaked Audio: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Makes Major Admission About Lock Downs

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo removes a mask as he holds a news conference to announce the opening of a bicycle and pedestrian path across the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, Monday, June 15, 2020 in Tarrytown, N.Y. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)


If you live in New York, let me be one of many to say I’m sorry, and I mean that in the context of what you have had to endure regarding the coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a horrifically ineffective and vindictive leader that has relied on politics instead of data consistently throughout this pandemic. That’s led to 32,000+ dead bodies, including well over 10,000 nursing home deaths, and the second-worst death rate in the country, second only to New Jersey.

In response, Cuomo has consistently chanted “science” over and over, as if it’s some magic, all-encompassing catch-all that changes all bad decisions into good decisions. In reality, his actions have been anything but scientific and now we have proof.

Leaked audio shows Cuomo admitting that his lockdown orders, specifically those targeting Jewish schools, are not based in science.

We already knew this, didn’t we? Closing schools, as I’ve written on many times, has always been one of the dumbest, least data-driven decisions a government can make. Spread among school-aged children is minute compared to adults. The virus is also less dangerous than the flu for those specific age groups. Closing schools simply blew up the economy while putting children in the worse position of constantly being around their family members outside of the mitigation being done when they are in school.


Cuomo knows all this, but the targeting of Jewish schools, which is just the most recent example, is yet another fear-driven tactic meant to keep people in line. Democrats want the populace to be terrified of the virus because they see political gain in that. There’s no other logical explanation for continuing to keep schools closed when other states have had them open for months with no real issues. Never mind all the countries around the world who have done the same.

Is this really what New Yorkers want? I actually think there could be a backlash coming. New York is actually a place that hasn’t been shy about electing Republicans despite always being heavily blue in presidential elections. Andrew Cuomo may think he has a bright political future ahead of him. I think he may have overplayed his hand though.

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