Joe Biden Gets Angry Again, Tells 56% of Americans Not to Vote for Him in Bizarre Outburst

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik


Joe Biden’s bouts of anger and snark on the campaign trail have been visible for quite a while. We’ve seen him snap before, challenging people to push-up contests, calling them names, and even challenging people to fights. Before the pandemic, Biden even went as far as to threaten to slap a union worker for asking a question he didn’t like about the Second Amendment.

None of this is normal.

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As I reported yesterday, Joe Biden had a string of “gaffes” which once again pointed to his probable dementia. He forgot where he was, couldn’t figure out where he was supposed to exit the stage, said he was running for the Senate instead of president, and forgot Mitt Romney’s name, offensively calling him “the Mormon.”

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While I figured that article was the end of it, he apparently wasn’t done for the day. Later, he would get angry and lash out at a reporter who asked him about a recent Gallup poll that found 56% of Americans find their lives better today than four years ago under Joe Biden and Barack Obama.

Biden’s answer was incredibly stupid and telling.

As Greg points out, Biden also insultingly accused Americans of having bad memories while he himself couldn’t even remember the proper percentage that had just been told to him by the reporter. It was quite the moment.

This is a pattern for Biden, though. Whenever anyone suggests he justify himself to voters, his defense mechanism is to get angry and say those people shouldn’t vote for him. We’ve also seen shades of this in his “you ain’t black” comments. Biden’s default is to insult the very people he claims to want to win over in this election cycle. That’s politically idiotic, which is why it’s so obvious that he simply can’t control himself. An inability to process and respond rationally is yet more evidence of his clear mental decline. No candidate in their right mind would tell 56% of the country to not vote for them, but Biden just did that because he can’t control himself, and we all know why.

Biden is not well. Period.

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