Nancy Pelosi Holds Insane Presser, Shows She Fears Trump Winning

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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., questions President Donald Trump’s fitness to serve following his hospitalization for COVID-19, during a news conference at the Capitol in Washington, Friday, Oct. 9, 2020. Pelosi wants legislation that would create a commission to allow Congress to intervene under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and remove the president from executive duties. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Nancy Pelosi is not well. She’s been growing more ridiculous in her strategic maneuvers over the last year, culminating in the impeachment debacle, and things have gotten crazier since Trump contracted (and presumably beat) COVID. A few days ago, Pelosi let it be known that she was going to target the President via the 25th Amendment, a provision that allows removal in very specific, extreme circumstances. An example would be something like permanent incapacitation, where the president won’t be recovering to execute his duties.

But Democrats have dove head first into trying use the 25th Amendment as some kind of coup tool by which they can get rid of Trump for the most inane reasons. In fact, they are so far gone that Pelosi is now suggesting removing him because he’s on medication. Yes, you read that right. Taking medication is now grounds for a coup or something.

She’s referring to the conspiracy theory that Trump getting a routine steroid shot, which most of us have gotten for seasonal allergies many times, is somehow severely altering his mental state and making him unfit for office. It’s the kind of idiocy that makes QAnon look sane, but here we are.


To be clear, it is not Congress’ job to “evaluate” anything in regards to the 25th Amendment. In fact, that Amendment only be executed by executive officials precisely because there’s a major separation of powers issue in play. Part of this is trying to delegate that power directly to Congress, and that’s no doubt the end game here. This is a dangerous precedent to set, and frankly one that I hope Republicans take full advantage of next time they are in power.

But the real question is why Pelosi is doing this at all? If she thinks Biden is up 10+ points right now and is cruising to victory in less than a month, then why even open this can of worms?

The answer is that Pelosi is not confident at all that Biden will win. That’s the only logical explanation for this gambit. She wants to setup something to target Trump with if he ends up winning. The fear is palpable. We all knew they wouldn’t stop with the Mueller investigation, and they really, really are never going to stop. As I noted above, Republicans should not forget this. They will eventually hold the house again, and we will eventually have a Democrat president again. That’s simply the reality of our politics. When that happens, it should be four years of non-stop harassment for what has occurred during Trump’s term. The left can not be given free rein to act in such outrageous, unconstitutional ways and the GOP not respond.


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