Joe Biden Has an Idea So Dumb That it Will Make Your Brain Melt

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden gestures while speaking during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Joe Biden is just mindlessly repeating lines that are being fed to him at this point. We all see it, and it’s the only thing that makes sense given some of the positions he’s taken lately.

Yesterday, Biden did a campaign ad, oh excuse me, a “town hall” on MSNBC to answer “random” questions from “undecided” voters. They were, of course, anything but that, as all of those who got to participate were obviously partisans put there to tee up Biden’s talking points. One of those talking points involved police.

Biden’s answer was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things I’ve heard over the last four months of turmoil.

Honestly, what do liberals think psychologists and psychiatrists do? Do they think they operate like hypnotists, saying magic phrases that suddenly turn dangerous people into soft, gentle creatures? Is Biden thinking they’ll have a sit down with a guy with a knife to talk it through?

Look, I understand that left-wing policies often don’t make sense, but this one really, really makes no sense. Psychologists are not wizards, nor does their profession lend itself to on the spot, sudden transformations of people. Thinking through this further, is the idea that the psychologist would take the lead on when police can use force or not? Are they going to control the scene? Imagine a non-officer trying to direct an officer on what he can do as they are dealing with an armed suspect. Does that sound safe to anyone?


What this would lead to is dead psychologists and nothing more. It’s already dangerous enough to be a police officer, and they wear body armor and carry guns. The risk to bystanders trying to insert themselves into high tension situations would be exponentially larger.

Besides, who would want to do that job? What psychologist who is making $100K+ a year after going to school for almost a decade wants to go work for a local police department making $50K a year? What you’d end up with is a lot of ill-equipped, badly trained people who just make things worse in the long run.

That this idea Biden is sharing has become so mainstream just blows my mind. Does anyone think through the consequences of anything anymore? But we know the answer to that when it comes to Biden. He’s not thinking through anything. He’s been told what to say and he just does his best to spit the lines out.

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