As Trump Shows Improvement, the Media Become More Unhinged

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President Donald Trump leaves the White House to go to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after he tested positive for COVID-19, Friday, Oct. 2, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


If you thought that the few hours of graciousness shown by a couple of journalists following Trump’s COVID diagnosis was a sign of things to come, you’ve been let down hard over the last few days. But let’s be real, no one thought that was a sign of things to come.

We started with a day of freak out over Trump supposedly being on his death bed but the White House not being transparent enough. That has slowly morphed into more and more animosity and hostility as the President has shown evidence of improvement in his condition. In fact, we are even back to speculation that Trump has faked all this.

As I shared yesterday, one of the most disgusting rants came from CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The hot takes continued to flow from there, with CNN always being the top culprit, but far from the only one. Trump took a ride to wave at supporters outside his hospital yesterday and that also set off the media. I’ll speculate that had Obama done this, it’d have been spun as an act of heroism, but I digress.


Ah yes, because the President being in the back of an SUV, socially distanced with a mask on, is absolutely how the virus spreads or something. But wait, I was assured that masks took care of all this and that the only reason Trump has the virus is that he’s been nonchalant about masks in the past? Perhaps the media should pick a narrative and stick to it.

Past that, what you saw was a lot of consternation that appears to be driven by the fact that the President isn’t as sick as they want him to be.


Whose doctor? Trump’s doctor? Or random partisans who spoke to the Post? We know it’s the latter and that it’s completely irrelevant. What someone who hasn’t examined the President thinks about this holds as much weight as my opinions on astrophysics.

The media want Trump to “pay” for not being as insane as they are. That’s what this really boils down to. They want the President to be on his death bed. That’s a terrible thing to have to say, but we all know it’s true. That’s why they’ve become so hopelessly unhinged the last few days. That Trump is up tweeting this morning and holding frequent video updates makes them angry, so you get what we are seeing now.

They can just cry more I suppose.

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