James Comey: I Know Nothing About Anything (He's Lying)

Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP
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Former FBI director James Comey testifies via videoconference during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, to examine the FBI “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP)


James Comey testified before the Senate yesterday about his involvement in a myriad of matters, including the Michael Flynn case and the targeting of Donald Trump. This was a long talked about appearance that ultimately ended as most expected it would.

You’ll be less than shocked to learn that James Comey claims to know nothing about anything that took place while he was FBI Director. Apparently, he was just a lazy, pointless bureaucrat who had no control or influence over his own leadership team. Aren’t you glad we are paying that big pension for him? He also repeated several outright falsehoods regarding the Steele Dossier.

Tom Elliot put together a supercut of Comey’s continued ability to not recall the basic of facts surrounding two of the biggest cases he oversaw.

As I mentioned, he also lied profusely about the Steele Dossier, once again claiming that it was not funded by Hillary Clinton. That runs counter to every fact we have. It’s not even arguable at this point that her campaign and the DNC were the financers for Christopher Steele’s garbage product. Comey also claimed that it wasn’t his job to check FISA warrants such as the fraudulent one perpetrated against Carter Page. Again, isn’t it great we are paying this great servant of the people a fat pension?


When Comey wasn’t lying though, he was pretending to be a moron with no knowledge of anything going on in his own bureau. Of course, that doesn’t pass muster at all. Comey was intimately involved in these investigations, including personally briefing then-President Obama multiple times. He knew everything and this continued game he’s trying to play is yet more evidence of how corrupt this man was and is.

There will be no repercussions, though, because there never are for any of these people. We live under a two-tiered justice system. Comey can lie to Congress and the most push-back he’ll get is a stern talking to by Ted Cruz, who did do a great job roasting him during the hearing.

Comey is different than a lot of the other people involved in this travesty. While there are plenty of bad people, Comey’s ability to lie while simultaneously pretending to be morally superior borders on being sociopathic.

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