CNN's Poppy Harlow Severely Triggered After Trump Team Questions Taxes Story

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Trump’s taxes are out there, but they aren’t really out there. As I explained this morning, it’s what the media are leaving out that gives the game away (see What the NYTs Let out of the Trump Taxes Story Gives the Game Away). Blatant omissions of years where Trump likely paid millions in taxes while The New York Times refuses to release the source documents are all part of stoking only the narrative the media wants to present.


Given that, it should be no surprise that the Trump team is calling nonsense on some of the suppositions being made in the wake of the Times’ report. White House Spokesman Brian Morgenstern went on CNN for some reason (personally, I think they should stop giving them the time of day). While being interviewed by noted leftist “journalist” Poppy Harlow, he pressed the Times on the very obvious coordination that went on between them and the Democrat party.

Harlow was severely triggered by this.

Let’s talk about facts. The Times has clearly had these documents a while. There is zero chance they just happened to receive them two days before the first debate. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign had buttons about Trump not paying taxes already produced and being sold on their website within hours of the Trump tax story breaking. Is that just a coincidence? Come on, no one believes that.

The idea that the Times, which is one of the most far-left, anti-Trump rags in the country, didn’t share this information with political operatives is about as likely as my dog curing cancer.


Besides, where did Harlow get this idea that you can’t attack the press? Is there some legal statute I’m unaware of where the integrity of an industry that has none can’t be questioned? Especially when they hide behind anonymous sourcing as they are doing here with Trump’s taxes?

Honestly, where Morgenstern went wrong here was not just saying “sounds good, bye” and walking off. Journalists get to ask questions. They don’t get to dictate answers, especially when we are talking about something as mundane as levying criticism against a news outlet that deserves every bit they receive.

Self-righteousness is never a good look. Completely unearned self-righteousness is even worse, but the media have it in spades. That’s a big reason their credibly is almost non-existent at this point.

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