Watch: Ex-Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Tackled, Arrested by Police in Disturbing Video

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Brad Parscale, campaign manager to President Donald Trump, speaks to supporters during a panel discussion, Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, in San Antonio. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)


As RedState reported earlier, news broke last night that former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale had attempted suicide and had been taken into custody. Now, body cam footage has revealed that moment and questions are arising as to why police took the actions they did.

In the video, we see Parscale not acting in a threatening way at all, yet police tackled him to the ground and arrested him.

As many RedState writers have opined over the last several months of protests, there’s a difference between attacking police for doing their jobs in situations that call for extremely tough decisions, such as there being a weapon present, versus attacking them for legitimately acting badly. I’m struggling to see any justification for what was done here. Perhaps Parscale’s wife, who contacted the police, told them he might be armed? That’s the only thing I can figure here, but even then, they should have given him more of a chance to come peacefully.

I wrote back during the pandemic after a mother was harassed and arrested over clearly unconstitutional lockdown protocols that the police should be very careful of doing things to isolate themselves from a populace that is already highly skeptical of many in their profession. Some of that skepticism is not always backed by facts, but some of it is.


Ironically, a video of a black man being tackled in much this same manner made the rounds a few months ago as proof of racist police brutality. But the truth is that police brutality, or police overreaction at the very least, knows no skin color. If the police want to begin to earn back some of the trust they’ve lost, not just since the protests and riots, but before that, during the pandemic and even earlier, they must do everything they can to remain above board.

As to Parscale, I hope he gets the help he needs. No one should be making fun of someone for having mental health issues. That so many leftists did so last night is disturbing, but it is par for the course.

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