Behold: Perhaps the Best Police Video Ever Emerges After Mask Shamer Gets Owned

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(AP Photo/John Minchillo)


A quick hitter on this Sunday night for you. A video is making the rounds and I think it’s perhaps the best video involving the police I’ve ever seen.


Mask shaming has become a staple of the coronavirus pandemic. In this instance, some genius thought it’d be a good idea to walk up to and harass two officers who were simply minding their own business. Instead of backing down, the cops do this.

Trust me, it’s worth the short watch.

If you just absolutely can’t watch the video, what you see is a man walk up with his cellphone camera and try to shame the officers for not having their masks on. He asks if the fines apply to them and the officer quickly explains to the guy that the law in question only applies if you can’t maintain at least six feet distance.

That’s when things get even funnier. The officer on the left starts asking him if he’d like to get within six feet, and if he does, he’ll put on his mask for him. They go back and forth for a minute and, recognizing he’s been owned, the guy filming snarks that they should probably wear a mask during a global pandemic. That’s when the officer on the right starts calling him a “male Karen.” The guy with the camera asks for the officer’s name and he responds that “you know my name” and shows him his nameplate with no fear.


More of this, please. Enough of the idiocy that says random people can approach strangers, even if they are police officers, and harass them for not wearing a mask. These guys are obviously partners and are exposed to each other every day. They were following the applicable law, staying six feet from the public, and should have been left alone. Calling this clown filming this a Karen was right on the money. In my opinion, he got off easy.

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