Watch: H.R. McMaster Laughs In Wolf Blitzer’s Face After Ridiculous, Conspiratorial Question

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Wolf Blitzer attends the 2019 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner at the Washington Hilton on Saturday, April 27, 2019, in Washington. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)


If you are smart, you haven’t been paying attention to whatever rantings have been emanating from the mainstream media lately. Of course, if you report on politics for a living, you have to suffer through the mental torture every now and then.

Yesterday, former top Trump official H.R. McMaster went on CNN to be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. What followed was McMaster being asked a question so stupid that he couldn’t help but laugh in the “journalist’s” face over it.

You can tell that Blitzer was expecting a different answer given the demeanor in which he asked the question. I’m sure he figured McMaster would launch into a series of rantings against Trump and how important it is for him to honor the election. Instead, what Blitzer got was McMaster immediately recognizing it’s absurdity and shut CNN’s latest conspiratorial dream down though. The military, he says, has been separated from domestic politics since George Washington’s time as president for a reason. There is no role whatsoever for them to play in the event a defeated former incumbent refuses to leave. To suggest such is not only anti-American, it’s conspiratorial garbage that no journalistic outlet with any integrity should be spreading.

But the media, for whatever reason, think they have a winner in pushing the idea that Trump is going to hunker down in the White House and refuse to leave if he loses. This stems from recent comments the President made where some silly reporter asked him if he’d peacefully transition power “win, lose, or draw.” Why would Trump transition power if he wins? Or if the election is contested? More so though, Trump was simply doing what he always does, which is not showing weakness. He’s not going to publicly acknowledge the idea that he could lose. That’s not something any candidate for president is ever expected to talk about. The media latched onto what he said though and are now pretending it’s proof he’s going to stage a violent takeover or something.


Of course, the media had no such qualms against not committing to accept defeat when it was Hillary Clinton telling Joe Biden to not concede “under any circumstances.” As per our usual agreement, those yelling the loudest are the most guilty. But it was good to see McMaster shut down Blitzer in this instance, and to his credit, the former NSA has not made up a bunch of nonsense about Trump during his book rollout. That’s a rare showing in Washington given how Bolton and others acted after their departures.

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