New: Senate Releases Report on Hunter Biden, and It's Damning

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The Senate released its report on Hunter Biden’s long-standing corruption, and it’s fairly damning. Some of the prior allegations learned of in the last two years have been fleshed out while there are are also some new ones involving other illicit behavior. Prostitution and human trafficking even make an appearance. The report was compiled from numerous sources including investigative reporting, documentary evidence, and testimony given to the committee.


Here’s a line the media are sure to ignore. Dealings with Russia that could lead to blackmail will suddenly be good again.


I want to share a few media reactions before I dive into this because it illustrates the double standards at play. Instead of reporting honestly on this and admitting how damning this report is, the media’s reaction has been to run and spin it as having “no proof” any of this affected U.S. policy. They are also claiming it’s a rehash of old news even though they largely never reported this stuff in the first place, and they certainly didn’t do so with any veracity.

Oh, Kyle doesn’t like confidential claims anymore? Good to know. I should probably make a note of that for the next Trump hit piece his publication pushes out.


To be clear, there’s more evidence of corruption in this report than anything Robert Mueller came up with. There’s also far more evidence of possible blackmail material and other illicit behavior that could be used against the United States than any allegation ever made about Donald Trump involving old loans and such. If this report were about Eric Trump, for example, it would not only lead the news for a month, it would be used as grounds for impeachment and another special counsel investigation.

The business dealings with Ukraine are well known at this point and time has not erased their corruption. Hunter Biden’s position with the Chinese is the most concerning, though. This is a country currently committing genocide that also happens to be the most dangerous foreign foe we have. Joe Biden has routinely defended and propped up the communist regime, doing so as recently as this campaign season. The ties here are not just superficial, and they would not be treated as such if the media weren’t so hopelessly biased and invested in seeing the elder Biden win in November. We are talking millions of dollars, prostitutes, human trafficking, and dealings with Russia and China, not just among Hunter Biden, but among several other family members, as well. There’s no way Joe Biden is completely divorced from all of this.

It should also be mentioned that much of the testimony in the report came from Obama administration officials who admitted they warned Joe Biden about his son’s dealings. Those warnings were ignored over and over. Getting an answer to the question of why should be absolutely paramount leading up to the election.


The Trump campaign now has unlimited fodder, and unlike other Republicans, I doubt they will be too squeamish to use it. Campaign ads need to hammer all this home. I fully expect Kayleigh McEnany to make it a center point of her next presser, as well. Make the media own their hypocrisy and the Bidens own what they’ve done and enabled. It’s game time.

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