The Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett Begin; They Are as Dumb as You'd Imagine

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Amy Barrett at her confirmation hearing.


There are a couple of different answers out there as far as who the front-runner is to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In the last two days, Barbara Lagoa has been brought to the forefront. But Amy Coney Barrett, who was a finalist the last time around, continues to be near the top, as well.


Given that, the attacks against her have already begun. They are as stupid as you’d imagine.

The Washington Post published a piece deriding Barrett for having written on the need for expanded due process on college campuses. This came in response to the kangaroo courts that were developed under the Obama administration, which essentially tossed out all the rights of the accused and gave them no recourse to fight decisions like expulsions, even in the face of no actual evidence they did anything wrong.

It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it? The party that constantly complains about how unfair the criminal justice system is is not only supportive of no due process in this case, but they think it’s a viable attack to accuse a judge of being for due process. These people can turn on the dime to fit whatever narrative they want pushed at the time. It’s certainly cynical.

Of course, the big push against Barrett is going to come in the form of attacks on her religious background. You see, she’s a (gasp) Catholic who believes in the sanctity of life and that there’s more to the world than blind, secular ambition. She also has seven children and that’s a big no-no in liberal circles. Yes, some Twitter politico has already gone viral calling the size of her family environmental terrorism.


There will be no boundaries, and though they’ll have trouble accusing Barrett of being a gang rapist (they’ll try I’m sure), they think they’ve got a winning narrative in accusing her of being a crazed, religious fundamentalist. That will be the primary line of attack going forward. You can expect lots of grandstanding and litmus tests to be applied by Democrats if Barrett does make it to a hearing. Of course, these are the same people who scream bloody murder if a Republican attempts to apply any litmus test to the sacred religion that is Roe v. Wade.

But that’s exactly why Republicans should stop caring what these people think. I hope any nominee is asked directly about abortion in their hearing. I have no qualms with seeing the left squirm at this point. They aren’t in control here and if the GOP stays strong, there’s no attack that can stop this seat from being filled.

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