Cocaine Mitch Takes the Senate Floor, Demolishes Democrat Arguments Over Supreme Court

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., walks to the chamber as lawmakers negotiate on the emergency coronavirus response legislation, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, March 18, 2020. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


Just when you thought Mitch McConnell couldn’t become anymore of a cult figure, The Washington Post decided to give him another nickname.

Do they think that makes him look bad? Ok, maybe calling a man who somewhat resembles a turtle an “apex predator” is a bit much, but there’s no doubt he causes liberals to break out into cold sweats. Though he’s never been a hard line conservative on some policy issues, McConnell has always been a terror for the left when it comes to appointing judges. Now, he’s staring down his third appointment in just four years under President Donald Trump because of the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

With that said, the “apex predator” took to the Senate floor today and absolutely demolished Democrat arguments about not filling the late Ginsburg’s former seat.


That was just the opening though. McConnell got about as animated as he gets, going on to debunk numerous Democrat talking points. Here’s the full video.

As McConnell explains, there is no issue with time here. There’s more than enough time left before the election to hold hearings and vote on this. In some cases, Justices have made it through the process in under 20 days. There are 43 days left before the election. McConnell points out that John Paul Stevens was confirmed in just 19 days. He also lists several other examples, including Ginsburg herself, who made it through in 42 days.

McConnell went on to slam those who have been misquoting his “rule” from back in 2016. As he notes, he clearly said that the tension at the time was caused by different parties holding the White House and Senate. That is not the case today, therefore there is no reason to have any hold up. Further, McConnell showed that when the government is not divided, seven of eight nominations put up during an election year were confirmed. The one nominee that failed did so due to corruption charges.


Finally, McConnell hit Democrats directly, quoting Chuck Schumer  in 2018 proclaiming that election to be a referendum on the handling of the Supreme Court. Well, in 2018 the American people handed Republicans an even bigger majority. The Majority Leader then ended by saying that “we are going to keep our world” in regards to the promises made to voters over the Supreme Court.

All of this is great to hear because it shows that the GOP Senate is taking this seriously. The leadership sees how unique of an opportunity this is, and they aren’t going to punt for the sake of trying to hold out a meaningless olive branch to a party that wants to burn the system down no matter what. The time to strike is now and the strike will be carried out. The only questions that remain are who the nominee will be and whether Mitt Romney will go ahead and fully end his political career by voting no.

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