This Super-Cut of CNN's Tongue Bath Session With Joe Biden Is Everything Wrong With 'Journalism'

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after participating in a coronavirus vaccine briefing with public health experts, Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Joe Biden had his “town hall” last night on CNN, and for the most part, he managed to remain upright. RedState covered some of the more noteworthy clips here, so be sure to check that out.

There were times when the former VP devolved into nonsensical ranting, but the curating of the questions to allow him to repeat his talking points helped a lot. Of course, that’s when he wasn’t re-plagiarizing lies he told in the 1980s, but I digress.

Back on the curation of questions, Eddie Zipperer from The Daily Caller put together a quick super-cut of some of what was asked. Given that you probably didn’t waste your time watching the event (consider yourself lucky), it’ll give you an idea of how just how hot and heavy things got.

It just went on and on like that the entire evening. Even the “Republicans” who asked him questions were really just there to tee up soft-balls for Biden to flail wildly at. The comparison between this town hall and the one ABC News did for Trump is night and day.


Biden didn’t receive one overly hostile question the entire night. That apparently wasn’t by accident either. One of the supposedly randomly chosen questioners turned out to be a long time Democrat operative. You can bet more like this will be uncovered.

Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper as moderator was basically a bystander, there only to laugh occasionally and help guide Biden through the process. He never once pushed back on some of the insane lies that were told, including the idea that Trump could have prevented every single COVID death had he done something differently with his response. Such a suggestion is disgustingly dishonest, yet Cooper just sat there.

Things got so bad that not even Politico could keep from pointing out the absurdity.


It goes without saying at this point, but CNN is just pure left-wing propaganda. While Trump took a hostile stage for ABC and handled every question thrown at him, including some really, really bad faith ones, Biden could only handle an hour with Anderson Cooper holding his hand. The questioners were obviously hand-picked and no one who would even think about pressing Biden was allowed to speak. That’s going to be the plan all the way until the election.

Further, it’ll be the plan at the debates. Whoever the moderators are, they will do everything in their power to protect Biden. They will cut Trump off, they will not press Biden on his lies, and they’ll stick to topics that keep Trump on the defensive. It’s a foregone conclusion at this point.

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